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Chartered Teacher Status

Learning is at the heart of everything we do. If you want to create more opportunities for yourself and keep up with the constantly changing world, you should never stop learning.


Recognising excellence in teaching 










Proud to be registered learning partners with The Chartered College of Teaching.


What is the Chartered
Teacher Programme?

The Chartered Teacher Programme is a pathway to gaining Chartered Teacher Status. It offers recognition to effective teachers, develops their expertise and celebrates excellence in the classroom. Assessment and accreditation are carried out by the Chartered College of Teaching.

We are proud that the Avanti Institute works in partnership with the Chartered College to offer this prestigious programme to teachers across the United Kingdom. Having seen its impact on our previous participants, we know that it is empowering, rigorous and intellectually stimulating.

This leaflet outlines our approach to the Chartered Teacher Programme and Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice. It should be read in conjunction with the Chartered College’s brochure, which provides more detail about the programme itself and is available from the Chartered College website: 

Chartered Teacher Status recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of highly accomplished teachers and school leaders, focusing on developing and recognising high-quality teaching and leadership practice.


What become a
Chartered Teacher 

In becoming Chartered, you will be recognised for evidence-informed, high-quality teaching practice, benefiting your school and the children and young people you work with. You can work towards Chartered Status at a pace that best suits you; our self-paced pathway is designed to ensure you have autonomy over your own professional learning and career progression.

  • Each Chartered Teacher assessment unit has been purposefully developed to enable you to showcase your expertise in a meaningful way, aligned with your own needs, role, career stage and school context. Undertaking the assessment units will help you to:

  • Deepen and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed policy and practice, assessment, curriculum and pedagogy.

  • Develop and apply your understanding of how to engage critically with educational research

  • Understand how teachers develop their practice and what effective professional learning looks like

  • Undertake an inquiry project in an area of your choice, to gain deeper insights into your teaching or leadership practices, with the ultimate aim to improve outcomes for the pupils you work with

  • Evaluate the impact of your practice and reflect on your professional learning at key points.

Over 90% say Chartered Status has increased their use of evidence to benefit their leadership.


Assessment Units

To achieve Chartered Status, you will need to complete the four Chartered Teacher assessment units. Each individual assessment unit is certified by the Chartered College of Teaching and offers a set number of credits towards Chartered Status.


& Costings

The cost of undertaking the Chartered Teacher Programme with us is £900. This includes the Chartered College’s registration, assessment and accreditation fees (£634 in total), so everything is covered.

Participants will need to be eligible for and hold full membership of the Chartered College of Teaching from the point of registration until the point of award and must maintain membership in order to retain Chartered Teacher Status.

They will need to have a minimum of three years experience as a practising classroom teacher at the point of final award.

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