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Routes into Teaching


The Apprenticeship Route

Graduates are employed by the school while they complete on-the-job training

1 Year


The Assessment Only Route

Suitable for unqualified teachers with over 3 years teaching in a school

12 Weeks


Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Trainees may be required to complete as part of their ITT training

8-12 Weeks

The Teacher Apprenticeship Route

Training to be a teacher is challenging but there are so many benefits to gaining a teaching career. You’ll use your many skills and knowledge to inspire and educate students which is so worthwhile and you’ll gain plenty of transferrable skills in return.

The Teaching Apprenticeships Programme (TAP) makes it easy for schools use their apprenticeship levy to attract, recruit and train the best graduates as home-grown teachers.

It provides a fee-free, salaried route for graduates to enter the Teaching profession and gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) within 1 year.

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The Assessment Only Route

To be eligible for the Assessment Only route you must meet the following requirements:

You must have:

  • a minimum of 2 years’ teaching experience

  • a first degree from a UK or non-UK university

  • achieved a standard equivalent to grade 4 in GCSE English language and mathematics

  • for teaching children aged 3 to 11 (English primary school), a standard equivalent to grade 4 in a GCSE science (biology, chemistry or physics) subject.

For help understanding English university degree and GCSE qualifications, and their international equivalents, visit UK ENIC, the UK National Information Centre for global qualifications and skills.

Your teaching experience must:

  • consist of time spent teaching (as opposed to other responsibilities in a school)

  • have taken place in 2 separate schools (not 2 classes within the same school or 2 school sites within the same organisation)

  • demonstrate you’ve taught young people from a range of different backgrounds

  • demonstrate you’re familiar with different approaches to teaching, learning and school management

    Your teaching experience can have been:

  • gained in any type of school (for example, international schools, schools teaching the International Baccalaureate, and state-maintained schools outside the UK)

  • spent teaching a non-English curriculum (though you may need to show you have knowledge of the subjects taught in the English curriculum)

divided between 2 school settings as long as you have 2 years teaching experience in total

The link to the DfE’s guidance regarding eligibility for the assessment only route for further information can be found here.


AO with eQ costs £2,500 + VAT – we charge it to the school

We charge £750 + VAT after the application has been reviewed, prior to the first tutor visit

We charge the remaining £1750 + VAT after the first tutor visit that established that the AO route is appropriate.


Subject Knowledge Enhancement

SKE courses are a great way to retrain teachers in shortage areas like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Schools are realising that retraining current teachers and upskilling them in hard to recruit for subject areas are far more productive than trying to recruit quality candidates with these specialisms.

SKE’s also provides a pathway into teaching for graduates who need to gain subject knowledge and skills needed to start an initial teacher training route

They are available to start weekly. More information here: Subject Knowledge Enhancement – e-Qualitas

SKE courses are suitable for:

Applicants who have:

  • a degree that’s related to the subject rather than an exact match for it

  • studied the subject at A level, but not degree level

  • an unrelated degree but relevant professional knowledge in the subject

  • studied for a languages degree, but need a second language at an acceptable level for teaching in schools

  • a degree in the subject but have not used their degree knowledge for many years

Applicants who have a degree in their chosen ITT subject awarded in the previous 5 years are not eligible for a funded SKE course.

We have courses available in EnglishMathematicsBiologyChemistry, and Physics. The length of the course can vary from 8-12 weeks for funded courses and up to a full academic year for our commercial courses, depending on the needs of the individual and the time that they can dedicate to learning. All our courses are delivered online with a new course starting each week, meaning there are no barriers for you to get your qualified and unqualified staff started immediately.

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