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Avanti Pathways

Professional support and bespoke CPD opportunities for our Non-Teaching Staff


Avanti Pathways

CPD helps people retain a consistent set of high quality, relevant skills and knowledge throughout their professional life….

Designing quality CPD opportunities for Non-teaching Avanti Staff is more tricky. We want there to be something for everyone, but often, the vast amount of roles and the varying levels of staff experience and expertise makes this an area that really does need to be bespoke and if possible, at an individual level with a great deal of choice involved.

We want CPD for our non-teaching colleagues to be of a high quality and not a simple training activity that will keep groups busy. At the Institute, we aim to ensure that staff are listened to at every step of the way and whilst we may not have got there as yet, this area of CPD is at the top of our agenda right now.

Throughout the year, our Head of Professional Learning will research, design and implement NEW CPD Pathways for different non-teaching teams. The preparation for this will involve valuable discussions with line managers and staff team members to ensure that we get it right. We will gather a range of different approaches and courses that meet varying needs for our staff.

This area of CPD can also cater for the individual needs of our staff and we therefore hope that staff will come to us with ideas of effective training and CPD opportunities that will both enhance and compliment their current role within the Avanti family.

CPD gives you a plan for future aspirations and the ability to readily adapt; no matter what your role…..


We strongly believe that everyone can improve regardless of their prior experiences and starting points and that they will want to improve in order to demonstrate new knowledge and skills, to remain up to date with changes and reforms, to achieve their ambitions and to progress in their careers. As educators, we have a moral imperative to strive for improvement not just for ourselves but for the inspirational people around us and for our students.

Our webinars have helped more than 1,425 teachers to unleash their potential!

Webinars created for educators by educators to help you unleash your potential, understand and develop your role, support your students and achieve your goals…



Counterpoise Wellness

 -Time Management 

- Self-Regulation

- Managing your Workload


Gopi Bloch

 - Why is it Essential You're Leading 

- Leadership within your role


Drop in Session 

 - Problem Solving

- Questions and Answers

- For BSMs


Carol Jones

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome affects both women and men, although it has been more openly acknowledged and discussed in women’s leadership groups.

This workshop would help everyone, whether you’ve experienced imposter syndrome yourself or line-managed those who do. We will implement the first part of an ‘Imposter Syndrome Intervention Toolkit’ – we’ll talk about it, own it, then rehearse elements of the toolkit that all participants can leave with.

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