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A Quest for Discovery 

Navigating the Future of Professional Development with Purpose, Passion and Perseverance.

"Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better."

Dylan Wiliam - University of London

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A Day at an Avanti School 

Discover more about our 12 Avanti Schools across the UK in these videos and explore our three distinctive pillars: Educational Excellence, Character Formation and Spiritual Insight.

Step into the unique world of each school.

Avanti Home Page

Avanti Home Page
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Train to Teach with the Avanti Schools Trust | In partnership with Teach First

Train to Teach with the Avanti Schools Trust | In partnership with Teach First

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Avanti Park, Frome - 2020/21

Avanti Park, Frome - 2020/21

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One world. One community. One Avanti

One world. One community. One Avanti

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Krishna Avanti Primary School - Leicester 2020

Krishna Avanti Primary School - Leicester 2020

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Professional Development has great potential, but it also comes with costs. We know that teachers engage in professional development activities whilst balancing multiple and, at times, competing commitments and time pressures. The need is clear, therefore, for PD to be well‑designed, selected, and implemented so that the investment is justified.
Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) October 2021

Why Avanti?

Avanti, synonymous with progress, propels educators forward by providing the tools and environment for advancement—whether it's in their professional journey, mental well-being, or spiritual growth.

Established in 2021, The Avanti Institute instils the belief that teachers can continually enhance themselves, not because they lack proficiency, but because they can always aspire for excellence. With a legacy of influencing over 5000 educators nationwide, the Institute aims to expand its professional development initiatives in the next five years, supporting teachers within Avanti schools and beyond.


Our goal is to rekindle the passion for teaching, fostering an environment where staff can rekindle their love for the profession and contribute to nurturing the next generation of educators.

Our vision extends to empower all Avanti colleagues, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and seize every opportunity for improvement within their different roles. We firmly assert that robust professional development for teachers, leaders and support staff holds immense potential to elevate the standard of education for all our students.

At Avanti, we hold the unwavering belief that everyone, regardless of their past experiences or starting points, can embark on a journey of improvement. This pursuit is driven by the desire to showcase newfound knowledge and skills, stay abreast of changes and reforms and achieve many personal ambitions. As educators, we recognise a moral imperative to continuously strive for improvement, not only for our individual growth but also for the inspiration we provide to those around us.... most importantly, for the benefit of all Avanti students across the UK. 

"Time, reflection and personal discovery: the catalysts of transformative professional development for all."

Avanti 2023


Rebecca Underwood School Improvement Lead for Teacher Development 

Avanti Partnerships

The Avanti Institute: Learn with Avanti

Proud to be Learning Partners with The Chartered College, The Church of England Education service and Teach First

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Elevate Your Teaching Career: Train with Avanti's SCITT Programme in Partnership with Teach First

Avanti 2023:

We are currently serving as a delivery partner in our ongoing collaboration with Teach First, which began in September 2022. Actively involved in their pilot SCITT program, we continue to make a meaningful impact. Join Avanti Schools for your training needs today


Paving the Way for Excellence: The Chartered Teacher Self-Paced Programme

Delivery Partner 2022:

The Chartered Teacher Programme is a pathway to gaining Chartered Teacher Status. It offers recognition to effective teachers, develops their expertise and celebrates excellence in the classroom. Assessment and accreditation are carried out by the Chartered College of Teaching.


Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: A Proud Partnership with the Church of England Education Team

February 2023:

 We are delighted to start our NPQ delivery programme alongside The Church of England Education office: From February 2023, Avanti Senior Leaders will deliver the Senior Leader NPQ for Avanti Staff. 

Research-informed CPD can address current issues in education by focusing on low-input, high-impact practices that are shared in a language that we all understand. We know when we have it right when staff say, “But that’s just common sense, isn’t it?

Jitendra Jani, Avanti House Secondary School

Our CPD Pathway

Professional Learning Partners

Professional Learning 


cpd pathay

Avanti Pathway

Our CPD offer leverages the foundational framework of 'The Avanti Teacher Toolkit,' an essential resource for schools, staff, and leaders within the Avanti trust. Rooted in cognitive science, this toolkit not only defines 'The Avanti Way' in a classroom context but also incorporates the 12 habits crucial to Avanti's teaching practices. It serves as a comprehensive model for teacher development, linking each habit to specific classroom techniques that support ongoing professional growth.

The 12 habits, each accompanied by 'So that...' and 'When successful...' statements, are seamlessly integrated into the Avanti Way practices, providing a broader purpose within the educational landscape. Supported by WalkThru techniques, including insights from Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli's series, these habits are further enhanced by additional learning and teaching strategies aligned with the Avanti ethos.

Through intentional linkage of habits to WalkThru clusters and curated classroom strategies, Avanti School practitioners have crafted a structured approach to CPD. This, in turn, empowers staff to focus on specific techniques for improvement within any of the 12 toolkit areas. Recognizing the importance of both Foundational and Pedagogical Habits, this model underscores the necessity of foundational habits as prerequisites for effective learning, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping the success of pedagogical habits.

Elevating Teaching Excellence:

Unleashing Potential Through the Avanti Teacher Toolkit and 12 Habits of Success.


Avanti Professional Learning

At The Avanti Institute, our mission is to ignite a transformative journey in education through dynamic and purpose-driven Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Embracing the evolving landscape of teaching, we are committed to cultivating excellence in educators. These truly exciting times at The Avanti Institute mark a dedication to empowering educators with innovative tools and the acclaimed Avanti Teacher Toolkit.
Our mission extends beyond traditional boundaries, welcoming those already on the Avanti journey and aspiring teaching assistants to explore unique routes into teaching. As advocates for progress and inclusivity, we invite you to discover the rewarding pathways we offer, shaping the future of education together.

"What we must do is be open to the observation of our practice in order to develop it, and ensure we challenge the practice and not the individual teacher."

John Tomsett 

Coming soon.... 

Embarking on the next phase, The Avanti Institute proudly presents our cutting-edge Professional Learning Networks in Early Years, Primary and Secondary education. Crafted with precision, these networks, both cohort and subject-driven, foster collaboration  across our esteemed 12 schools. 

As we forge ahead, our commitment to excellence persists with the ongoing Teach First SCITT program and the introduction of new NPQs.

At the heart of our ethos is a dedication to continuous learning—an enduring continuum of improvement.


… and we won’t stop here. At The Avanti Institute, we believe that teachers constantly learn, develop and improve in order to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible education. We also believe that although we can be inspired by one off sessions of excellence, truly effective CPD is revisited, discussed frequently, weaved in across the year and built upon. We hope to revisit some of the work of our visiting speakers across the year as a Trust.

Rebecca Underwood 


Avanti Networks

Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) play a crucial role in the professional journey of educators, offering a structured platform for collaboration and growth. In any effective workplace, networking is not just a beneficial process; it's an essential one that should permeate all stages of one's professional development.

Effective networking goes beyond connecting with a multitude of individuals; it's about cultivating meaningful relationships with those who can endorse your skills, present new opportunities, and connect you with well-established professionals in your field. This targeted approach ensures that networking becomes a purposeful and valuable aspect of professional growth.

In the context of education, PLNs serve as a dynamic space where educators come together to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaboratively develop innovative approaches to better serve students. The emphasis is on quality connections and shared learning experiences with both external and Avanti experts. 

At The Avanti Institute, we take pride in hosting over 18 Professional Networks, each designed to facilitate targeted and meaningful connections among educators. These networks provide a dedicated space for collaboration, ensuring that educators can learn from each other and collectively work towards enhancing the educational experience for their students.

“All schools have cultures, the question is whether it is the one you want.” (Thompson and Sparkes, 2020) Effective CPD cultures promote learning as conscious, ever changing, in the moment and proactive. School culture impacts the effectiveness of professional development, how it is perceived and therefore its success and failures. Senior leaders must be cautious about what they change. Staff are more likely to improve if they feel valued and if they feel they are working in a supportive environment (Kraft and Papay, 2014).